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Prison Cell 1.1

By: Blaiden Rosa

In this indie adventure game, you wake up in a room oblivious to what's really happening around you. You must use clues to gather information about your whereabouts. Your main objective is to get out alive. Remember to make wise choices, otherwise you'll end up dead!

Update 1.1: Added rating and instructions for installing.

Install instructions

How to install:

1. First, you must download the .HTML file.

2. Once it's done, you should be able to play.

3. If an error comes up, right click the file and select "open with..." then, select your web browser.

4. enjoy!


readme prison cell.txt 246 bytes
Prison Cell 1.1.html 356 kB


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Quite cool.


Thanks for rating the game! Sorry it's taken me a little over a month to reply, I haven't really checked this game in a while, due to the fact I'm busy making other (better) games, and this game is absolute shit.